Parades near Houma

New Orleans is one of the most televised areas for parades during Mardi Gras. Its a bonus and a curse. For most Louisiana residents, we hate going to New Orleans during this time because it draws thousands of visitors and the crowds are unbelievable.  Most residents either get out of the city during that time or hit up the small town parades. Many smaller towns offer some really good parades. I have to say, Houma is one of my favorite places to go during Mardi Gras. Why you ask?

Houma parades are really good and best of all, you are able to back your truck right up to the parade route and sit in the back while catching beads.

Below is a list of parades in the area.

  • 2/25 – Krewe of Mardi Gras (6:30pm)
  • 2/26 – Krewe of Terreanians (12:30pm)
  • 2/26 – Krewe of Montegut (2pm)
  • 2/27 – Krewe of Cleopatra (6:30pm)
  • 2/28 – Krewe of Houmas (11am)
  • 2/28 – Krewe of Kajuns (11:30am)
  • 2/28 – Krewe of Bonne Terre (4pm)

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