Oregon is a beautiful place with tons of amazing sights and activities to do throughout the state.

Do you like to go camping or hiking?

There are several state parks and recreational areas that are definitely worth visiting while in the beautiful state of Oregon. The best way to truly explore the wilderness is to go hiking. Be prepared for your hiking with extra water, shoes with decent grip, trail maps, poncho or waterproof clothing, and any other necessities you may need. The weather and elevation can change drastically. We recommend visiting during the summer months, particularly in June, when the average rainfall is at its lowest and the weather is warm.

Have you ever see a 100+ foot waterfall?

If you looking to knock out 2 birds with one stone, visit the Silver Falls State Park where you can hike roughly 7 miles and see up close and personal 10 amazing waterfalls.

Have you ever wondered how wine, beer, or alcohol is made?

Maybe you don’t care how its made and just want to sample some new local flavors. There are tons on wineries, breweries, and distilleries throughout the state.

Have you ever seen a lighthouse in person?

The Oregon coastline has 11 lighthouse that are still in operation. There used to be a lot more but as humans and technology have evolved, many lighthouses have been shut down.

Have you ever seen a Sea Lion or Gray Whale?

Visit the Sea Lion Caves while traveling along the coastline for a once in a lifetime experience.

Would you like to see how the airplanes, helicopters, and space craft have evolved throughout history?

Fun Things to do throughout Oregon:

Top Waterfalls in Oregon

Explore Lighthouses

Wineries / Breweries / Distilleries

Sea Lion Caves

State & National Parks

Aviation and Space Museum

Portland Rose Gardens

Silver Falls State Park (waterfalls)

What's your next adventure?

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