Places of Interest

Places of Interest

While in Louisiana, be sure to immerse yourself in the local culture and visit the top landmarks / places of interest.

Have you ever seen a little red bottle of hot sauce on the table at a restaurant? Chances are it’s Tabasco Sauce, produced locally on Avery Island, located south of Lafayette Louisiana.

Would you like to tour the island where the world-famous Tabasco Sauce is produced? Did you know that there is a small mine located beneath?

After touring the manufacturing process, be sure to visit the Country Store and then make you way around the rest of the island. There are several hidden gems located on the island that are definitely worth visiting and taking pictures.

While you’re in the area, visit Rip Van Winkle Gardens for some excellent scenery and a taste of history. Rip Van Winkle Garden was created by Joseph Jefferson.

Joseph Jefferson, commonly known as Joe Jefferson (February 20, 1829 – April 23, 1905), was an American actor. He was the third actor of this name in a family of actors and managers, and one of the most famous of all 19th century American comedians.

No matter where your travels take you, be sure to check out these places of interst. While you’re visiting Louisiana, stop in to one of the places listed below for a tour.

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