Located just east of Baton Rouge near Denham Springs is the Amite River. The Amite River is a great place to relax and float in the cool water during the summer months. The main tubing company in this area is Tiki Tubing of Denham Springs. Park your vehicle in the sand lot and follow the crowd to the little hut to pay for your tube rental. You can also rent/buy other merchandise like an ice chest, ice chest floats, etc. Once you pay the fee for your tube, they will put a wrist band on you. Everyone must have a wrist band to board the bus. They do accept cash and credit cards. One good change in 2016 was all tube rentals are $25 plus tax. Previously the price depended on the tube you wanted. Remember do NOT bring glass containers and bottles. I don’t know about you, but getting my foot sliced open from a broken bottle would ruin my trip really quick. Once you get the wrist band, head toward the bus and load up your drinks and friends. The bus driver will take a short ride up river and drop you off. From here you will grab a tube and begin your journey. The trip time can drastically vary depending on river level. I’ve been on the river when the water level was low and it took 6+ hours. I’ve also been when the water level was high and it only took 2 hours so be prepared and bring plenty of drinks (including water). Visit their Facebook page for daily updates. Check out their website for details on price and rentals.

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