T & J Canoe Rental


Canoeing is an excellent way to beat the summer heat and enjoy some time on the water with friends and family.

Below is our favorite place to go canoeing:

Located on the west side of La is a cool spring with several canoe rental facilities. The Ouiska Chitto River, also known as Whiskey Chitto, is located near Oberlin Louisiana. Our favorite place for a canoe trip is TJ Canoe Rentals. The parking is relatively easy and located in an open field. Fill out the consent form and pay the canoe rental fee, then off you go. Load up the ice chest and jump on the bus for a short ride up river. Once you get to the river, grab your ice chest and head down the path to the canoes. There are usually empty crawfish sacks / trash bags, life jackets, and paddles in the canoe. Depending on the river level and how many stops along the sandbars, the trip usually takes around six hours. There are a couple rope swings and cliffs along the way. I recommend avoiding these. Don’t get me wrong, I love thrill seeking adventure just as much as the next guy, but I’ve also see people get seriously injured due to the environment constantly changing. Anyway check out their website and plan your next trip down the river.

What's your next adventure?

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