USS Kidd Navy Destroyer

Below is a brief description and several pictures from a recent tour.

The USS Kidd is a retired destroyer ship located on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. Tours are offered year round for a small fee. Although not advertised, The Cajun Traveler wants to remind you that tours on the first Sunday of every month are free.

After purchasing tickets be sure to check out the inside lobby before going aboard the ship.

Grab a map before getting started otherwise you may get lost or miss something important.

Normally we would tell you all about the history of the ship and its cool features but we rather you see this one in person.

Pictured above is the medical office.

It’s definitely close quarters.

Not all of the rooms were this nice.

There is a lot to see that isn’t include in the pictures above. Check out the kitchen, bathrooms, captains quarters, seamens quarters, and top deck where to guns and ammo are located.

What's your next adventure?

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