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Do you like to visiting attractions that have a history? We always try check out the local land marks when visiting someplace new. Do you have artistic abilities? Even if you don’t, we have something for you to try. Check out the pages below for more details and to hear from others experiences. Stay tuned as this list will continue to grow.

o   LA Capitol (OLD)

o   LA Capitol (NEW)

o   USS Kidd

o   WWII

o   New Orleans Glassworks and Printmaking Studio

o   Painting with a Twist

Not sure which one to do, read a brief description of each below.

Louisiana Capitol

First off, there is an OLD and NEW state capitol building, both located in Baton Rouge. The buildings are drastically different in design and words cannot explain the differences in artwork, details, and history. Even though the NEW state capitol building is more commonly toured, be sure to check out the OLD state capitol building.

USS Kidd

The USS Kidd is a Navy destroyer ship that is definitely worth checking out. It’s amazing to see how people lived on the ship. The ship isn’t called a destroyer for nothing. This can be easily seen before ever boarding the ship. Don’t worry about the ship leaving the dock, it is now retired and sits on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. This ship is filled with history. There are so many rooms to see on the ship, be sure to grab a map from the gift shop.

New Orleans Glassworks and Printmaking Studio

This studio is amazing. You can learn various glassmaking techniques while creating a paper weight and blowing wine glasses. You can even learn how to make stained glass or metal artwork.

Painting with a Twist

There are several places throughout Louisiana that offer “Painting with a Twist”. Now if you have never heard of this before, you’re in for a treat. For a small fee, you can learn to paint a picture and enjoy your beverage of choice. This is perfect adventure to enjoy with a date. The picture you paint usually depends on the day of the class. Class typically last between 2-3 hours. Don’t worry, you do NOT have to have any artistic abilities, trust me on that one. I have participated in around 6 of these and always have a good time.

What's your next adventure?

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