Bike Trails near Baton Rouge

Are you ready to explore some new bike trails? Maybe you are no expert but would love to get outside and ride some new terrain. We are here to recommend a few and share our experiences.

There are several bike trails throughout Louisiana so we will spend this time sharing a couple of our favorites.

  • Hooper Road Mountain Bike Trail
  • Comite River Park Trail

The Comite River Park Trail is pretty fun. A few friends and myself tried it out a couple of months ago. There were a couple drop-offs that made my the bike chain come off. There are a couple lookouts such as the Beach or The Point. When you get to spot 15, The Bowl is a blast. It took some nerve going down the steep side but it was totally worth it, especially since I didn’t wipe out.

Be sure to wear a helmet. Plan your trip accordingly. These trails can become extremely slick after a rain. We always care a first aid kit in the truck just in case. Good thing we did, my buddy hit this jump and the foot pedal came back around and smacked his leg causing it to bleed.

Don’t forget to check out the Baton Rouge Levee Trail, Tammany Trace Trail, and the trails at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. There are several more throughout the state so be sure to let us know where your favorite is located.

Below are maps of the bike trails:

Hooper Road Mountain Bike Trail

Mountain Biking

Comite River Park Trail

What's your next adventure?

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