Have you ever thought of going skydiving?

It should be on everyone’s bucket list. Most of you think we must be crazy to jump out of a perfectly good plane. Maybe we are. I say we are just crazy enough to feel the adrenaline rush and conquer a fear. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to make a unforgettable memory.

There are a several places that offer skydiving in Louisiana.

So far, we have only experienced a tandem jump with Gold Coast Skydivers located in Abita Springs. They also have a Mississippi location with a larger plane for big groups. The airport in Abita Springs is really easy to get to, small, and perfect for planes like the Cessna. Although your first jump will be tandem, meaning you and the instructor are attached, it will definitely be an adventure you will never forget. As you go up in the plane, remember to take in the full experience and look out the window. From the air, you should see Fontainebleau State Park and Lake Pontchatrain. Once you’re in a safe zone, approximately 14,000 feet above land, the instructor will open the door. Don’t worry the instructor goes over every detail of the jump with you. They want you just as prepared as they are, after all you are attached to each other. After dropping to the earth at a speed up to 120 mph and landing safely on the ground, be sure to take some pictures with your friends and family. Trust me, all of you will be smiling from the rush you just got. While in town, check out the Abita Brewery.

If you want to continue making jumps in hope of one day being able to jump by yourself, then take the full course and get your certification.

Below are a few places that offer skydiving:

Gold Coast Skydiving

Skydive Baton Rouge

Skydive Nawlins Shreveport

Skydive Louisiana

What's your next adventure?

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