Louisiana is a unique place with great food and lots to offer.

Louisiana, also known as Sportsman’s Paradise, became a state in 1812. The state capitol building is currently located in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana is widely known for its Mardi Gras celebrations and festivals for every occasion. Louisiana also boast some of the best food around and one of the strongest manufacturing locations in the United States.

Louisiana is known for its mild winters, rarely getting below 32°F, and its hot & humid summers. During the winter time, the weather is nice enough for pants and a long sleeve, but always good enough to fire up the grill outside. The summer time is like no other. During June to September it is usually 80°F when you wake up in the morning. Summer time showers are a normal, usually occurring between 1pm and 5pm.

We always recommend visitors to come during the spring time (Feb – May) or fall time (October – November). The spring and fall are filled with tons of festivals, including Mardi Gras. Although Mardi Gras seems like a blast to most visitors, residents tend to shy away from New Orleans due the high influx of people. Residents tend to go to more local festivals like the Crawfish Festival, Frog Festival, Strawberry Festival, Sugarcane Festival, Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, Cracklin Festival, Best of the Bayou Festival, and Hot Air Balloon Festival. The south is place where the good time rolls, or as we say “Laissez les bons temps rouler.”

Louisiana has a huge agriculture industry and manufacturing industry. Louisiana is home to several manufacturing plants that produce oil & gas, specialty chemicals, pulp and paper, plastics, and energy. These are only a few of the manufacturing plants located throughout the state. These plant employee thousands of people and help build strong communities. Agriculture throughout the state includes sugar cane, cotton, and rice. These are only a few of the items grown throughout the state. The fishing and seafood industry remains strong. We harvest the majority of the shrimp and crawfish provided to the rest of the United States. Some people think crawfish should only be used for fish bait, we are here to tell you that those people are wrong. You haven’t experienced a good time until you been to a true crawfish boil in Louisiana. A true Cajun will not only have some of the best tasting crawfish around, they will also fill you up on sausage, mushrooms, and potato’s. A true Cajun cooks with several other items during a crawfish boil, you will just have to visit to get the full experience. Louisiana boast some of the best food around, Cajun food outside of Louisiana is just plain food with Tony Chachere’s or Tabasco sauce on it. Talking about Tabasco Sauce, be sure to visit Avery Island for an authentic tour and free tasting of the world-famous sauce. Plus where else can you eat alligator fried or blacken? Check out our page on Best Places to Eat for more details. Talking about fishing, be sure to check out our fishing page for details on Charter fishing in saltwater or deep-sea.

Louisiana is known for shipping ports, after all the Mississippi River ends in Louisiana at the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are a few recommendations worth experiencing while in Louisiana:

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