Swimming Holes in Texas

Are you ready to explore the outdoors and take a dip in some real natural swimming holes while in the Texas?

I mean seriously after a long day of hiking, what better way to cool off than jump in some crystal clear water.

Not all swimming holes are created equal. We will help you find the perfect one depending on your preference. Some include lakes, streams, ponds, and spring fed wells. Some are easy to get to and others are hidden, off the beaten path.

Ok so you may be feeling a little shy just because you don’t have the beach body you’ve always wanted. No one cares about that! Stop living life in fear and get out there and start having fun.

I hear young parents all the time say that they can’t go hiking or exploring because they have a little one now. Seriously?? Did having kids stop your parents from getting out there and having fun?

It sounds like another excuse to me! I have a good friend who took their less than 1-year-old hiking through the Enchanted Rock State Park just to see an amazing sunset. Kids need to get out of the house and get that energy out too. Plus never stop exploring or courting, otherwise that spark you and your significant other had, may go out! I see way too many couples get comfortable in staying home the whole time while their kids grow, then once the kids are out doing their own thing, the couple no longer remembers how to have fun together. Kids are important but your significant other was there long before they were.

Anyway, enough with the rant, and on to the good stuff!

If you have experience any of these, be sure to contact us to share your experience and tips for other travelers.

Check out the locations below for details on natural swimming holes:

Jacob’s Well (Bucket List Worthy)

Hamilton Pool Preserve (Bucket List Worthy)

Pedernales Falls State Park (Secret Spot)

Blue Hole

Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park

Balmorhea State Park (Bucket List Worthy)

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