Dripping Springs Distilleries (Texas Hill Country)

Texas has a ton to offer, including but not limited to the Dripping Springs Distilleries. Dripping Springs in located in the Texas Hill Country.

For this topic we will cover distilleries in the local area.

For those of you who don’t know what a distillery is, it is a mechanical device used to separate two liquids that boil at different temperatures. In other words, using temperature you can separate the alcohol from the water, making it as pure as possible. This process is used to produce gin, vodka, rum, and whiskey.

Out of the four, whiskey usually goes through another process before it is ready to be sold. Whiskey often goes through a barreling process, where charred oak barrels are used to store the freshly made alcohol for several months. This allows the alcohol to interact with the wood barrel, providing the distinct flavor. While being stored in the barrels, alcohol slowly evaporate through the wood. This loss of alcohol is called the Angels Share since it can not be recaptured.

Have you ever heard of Devils Cut? Devils Cut is a process that only a few distilleries are equipped to handle. Devils Cut is the alcohol that has been absorbed into the wood of the barrel, gets recaptured and bottled to be sold. This is a unique process and only a few distilleries are able to produce this, Jim Beam being one of them.

Below are a list of Dripping Springs Distilleries:

Deep Eddy Vodka  (2250 E. Hwy. 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620)

Dripping Springs Vodka & Gin  (5330 Bell Springs Rd., Dripping Springs, TX 78620)

Treaty Oak Brewing & Distilling Company  (16604 Fitzhugh Rd., Dripping Springs, TX 78620) – Excellent distillery and brewery with exceptional customer service. For ~$10 you can get a tour of the process, 3 tastings of your choice, and a free glass.

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