Top Waterfalls in Oregon

Oregon has some of the best waterfalls in the United States.

What makes a waterfall great?

We consider the following variables when planning a visit:  width, height, volume of water, and accessibility.

The first 3 variables have little impact but the 4th variable (accessibility) play an important role in planning an expedition. We tend to look for waterfalls that have a well beaten trail leading to them, for safety reasons of course. Saying that, we occasionally venture down the narrow paths leading the top or bottom or the waterfall. Remember to keep an eye out for local wildlife. You don’t want to be unprepared and come across a snake or mountain lion.

There are several waterfalls throughout the state that are not on this list below, mostly because they are extremely difficult to access. The area surrounding a waterfall is usually really slippery and the walking surfaces can sometime shift, creating a dangerous environment.

Be sure to bring your camera and/or aerial drone to capture some amazing footage. We also recommend wearing hiking boots or old shoes with decent grip because the trails can be a little wet. It’s also a good idea to have a poncho or waterproof jacket/clothing because there will be a lot of mist coming from the waterfall as it crashes to the ground.

If you know of any waterfalls that are not on this list, please comment us. We are always interested in hearing from our viewers and learning which experiences they had the most fun at.

Below are several waterfalls located throughout Oregon:

The locations that we believe should be on everyone’s bucket list will have a * next to them.

The video below is a little preview of waterfalls from our recent adventure through Silver Falls State Park.

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