Oregon Coast Lighthouses

Oregon is known to have a very rocky coastline and for this reason, several lighthouses have been strategically located along the coast.

Lighthouses have drastically changed since the early 1900’s. Previously they required constant monitoring and servicing. Servicing in the 1900’s meant changing the wicks, cleaning the glass, painting the lighthouse, going get fuel to refill the fuel tanks, cleaning the lighthouse, and making all necessary repairs with extremely limited resources. Each lighthouse is unique and contains a different light pattern so it could be recognized by any ship.

Lighthouses now-a-days are much more sophisticated. Many have been changed from wick to actual incandescent light bulbs and run off of city power. Even though backup generators are being used and technology continues to grow, lighthouses still require monitoring by humans. Painting and repairs will need to be completed over time as the facility is exposed to the environment and ever-changing climate.

Below is a list of the 11 amazing lighthouses located along the coast of Oregon:

    1. Yaquina Head Lighthouse
    2. Heceta Head Lighthouse
    3. Cape Blanco Lighthouse
    4. Cape Arago Lighthouse
    5. Umpqua River Lighthouse
    6. Cape Meares Lighthouse
    7. Coquille River Lighthouse
    8. Tillamook Lighthouse
    9. Pelican Bay Lighthouse
    10. Cleft of the Rock lighthouse
    11. Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

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