Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation is perfect if you love history, photography, bed and breakfast, or just want to have a good ol’ time in the south.

Are you a believer in Ghost?

This plantation and surround area is filled with beautiful sights and offers an insight to sugarcane production, slavery, and the American Civil War.

Visit the Oak Alley Plantation and grab a map to learn the history of the plantation ownership from 1820 to present. Using the map, be sure to tour the following highlights:

  • Ticket Booth and Foundation Office
  • Crepe Myrtles
  • Slavery at Oak Alley
  • Sugar Kettles
  • Slave Marker
  • Back Alley
  • The Big House
  • The Alley of Oaks
  • Garconnieres
  • The “Centennial” Papershell Pecan Tree
  • The Plantation Bell
  • The Roman Family Tombstone
  • The Stewart Gardens
  • The Sugarcane Theater
  • The Confederate Commanding Officers Tent
  • The Stewart Family Graveyard
  • The Overseer’s House
  • The House for Workers (now privately owned)
  • The Blacksmith Shop

Some people believe that touring the ground is enough, I’m here to say it is worth taking a guided tour through the Big House!!


To visit the plantations website, click here.

Other plantations in our area:

Laura Plantation
A sugarcane plantation built in 1805, 12 standing buildings on the National Register.

Houmas House Plantation
An 1840 Greek Revival mansion, surrounded by colorful and romantic gardens.

San Francisco Plantation
A galleried house in the Creole open suite-style, old Live Oaks and fine antiques.

St. Joseph Plantation
A Louisiana Sugar Cane Plantation. Take a walk through time as you enjoy a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the many interesting people who have called this plantation “Home.”

Nottoway Plantation
Greek Revival architecture, completed in 1859, stands overlooking the Mississippi River.

Evergreen Plantation
Evergreen is the most intact plantation complex in the South with 37 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including 22 slave cabins.

Destrehan Plantation
The oldest documented plantation home in the lower Mississippi Valley.

Bocage Plantation
Steeped in history with ties to Christopher Columbus, early colonization, and the Louisiana Purchase.

Whitney Plantation
 Through museum exhibits, memorial artwork, restored buildings and hundreds of first-person slave narratives, visitors to will gain a unique perspective on the lives of Louisiana’s enslaved people.

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