Missouri Caverns

Cave Exploring in Missouri

Do you like to explore underground caves?

Missouri has several caves throughout the state. Some are easily accessible and others require a bit of effort.

Did you know that moonshiners used to target caves during the Prohibition Era to set up their stills? Often hosting parties in the underground caverns?

Caves are still be found and explored everyday.

Have you ever seen what happens to fish or other aquatic animals when they live their whole life without sunlight?

Caverns often hard to find and most people walk right past the entrances without ever noticing.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a wine cellar in a cave?

Caverns typically are dark, cool, and moist places. Often staying around 60°F. Some caves have large entrances while others are small and tight.

You do not have to be physically fit to explore caves in Missouri. Visit Fantastic Caverns to experience a driving tour of the cave.

Be sure to visit several of these caves as each one is unique and one of a kind. Take you camera and be sure to get pictures.

Remember safety first. Never go in a cave alone or without the proper safety and survival gear. It is always recommended to dress appropriate and stay with your tour guide. Some of the caverns have lights installed but several do not. If you have never experienced true darkness in cave, you are in for a treat. When the lights go out, you can not see your hand in front of your face. Total darkness, pitch black!

Also if you are scared of bats, don’t worry, most of the caves have little to no bats.

Be sure to visit several of the locations below for a unique experience:

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